peer-to-peer file transfer

The Idea

The idea for came from the pain of transferring files to one other over the internet. Me and a friend of me wanted to tackle this issue using webrtc data channels so we built a proof of concept.

The proof of concept turned out to be a success so we built a frontend for the solution using react with redux on vitejs.

The Problem

Sadly, due to a lack of positive re-enforcement caused by the lack of similarity between browsers implementation of webrtc. We decided it was best to cut off the project early and not release it since the weird issues which kept happening were way to painful to deal with.


Although we never finished the project I'm very happy we started it. I learned a lot about networking, hole punching and webrtc. It's sad the browsers do not comply with each other and we hope the webrtc spec will be solidified over the years, And maybe try again one day!

Until then here are some images of the frontend built in react: